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How to Add a SubDomain from cPanel?

How to add a subdomain from cPanel in 2024

Adding a subdomain in cPanel is a straightforward process that lets you create a sub-domain of your main domain. This sub-domain can point to a specific directory on your server and host entirely different content. Here’s how to do it:

Steps for Subdomain:

  1. Log in to cPanel: Access your web hosting provider’s control panel using your cPanel credentials.
  2. Navigate to Domains Section: Locate the “Domains” section within cPanel. It might be directly available or under subsections like “Advanced” or “Email.” Find a link titled “Domains” or “Subdomains.”
  3. Create a New Subdomain: Click on a button like “Create a Sub-domain” or “Add New Sub-domain.”
  4. Enter Subdomain Details: Provide the following information in the designated fields:
    • Subdomain: Enter the name you want for your subdomain (e.g., “blog.” or “shop.”). This will create a subdomain like “[invalid URL removed]”.
    • Document Root (optional): By default, cPanel might pre-fill a directory based on the subdomain name. You have two options here:
      • Use the default directory: Leave it as is if you want the subdomain’s files to reside in a directory with the same name within your main domain’s document root (usually “public_html/blog”).
      • Specify a different directory: If you prefer a separate location, click on the “Document Root” selection tool and navigate to your desired directory within your home directory (e.g., “public_html/myblog”).
  5. Submit the Request: Click on “Add Subdomain” or a similar button to create the sub-domain. cPanel will process the information and set up your sub-domain.

After Creating the Subdomain:

  • You won’t need to update nameservers for sub-domains as they inherit the settings from your main domain.
  • Upload your website content for the sub-domain to the designated document root you chose.
  • Your sub-domain should be accessible by typing “[invalid URL removed]” in your web browser (e.g., “[invalid URL removed]”).

Additional Tips:

By following these steps, you can easily add subdomains from your cPanel and expand your website’s functionality or create separate sections for different purposes.

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