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Managed KVM Linux VPS Plans & Pricing

We’ve got a plan to fit your needs.


A great way to get started.

$ 44.99 49.99 /mo
6GB RAM & 2 Core CPU

2 x 2.60 GHz

50 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
KVM Technology
1 Dedicated IP
cPanel Control Panel
Cloudlinux OS
cPanel Admin will be added


A great way to get started.

$ 59.99 64.99 /mo
10GB RAM & 4 Cores CPU

Core Speed: 4 x 2.60 GHz

50 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
KVM Technology
1 Dedicated IP
cPanel Control Panel
Cloudlinux OS
cPanel Admin will be added


A great way to get started.

$ 89.99 94.99 /mo
16GB RAM & 6 Cores CPU

Core Speed: 6 x 2.60 GHz

50GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
KVM Technology
1 Dedicated IP
cPanel Control Panel
Cloudlinux OS
cPanel Admin will be added

What is Managed Linux VPS Hosting?

Managed Linux VPS Hosting combines the power of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the convenience of managed services. Imagine a supercharged shared hosting plan – you get a dedicated slice of server resources for top performance, but the hosting provider handles the technical nitty-gritty like security updates and maintenance. This frees you to focus on your business while your website enjoys the best of both worlds: speed, control, and expert care.

Fussion Host backup
Fussion Host mainpanel

Each Linux VPS plan includes:

Get fast and reliable KVM SSD Linux VPS hosting.

Assistance on demand

Setting up and managing a Linux VPS server can be challenging, especially for beginners. We provide assistance and guidance to help you through the initial steps of creating your ideal server on VPS Linux. If you need additional tips, you can explore our knowledge base or ask questions in the community forums. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, you can submit a ticket through the customer help desk or contact support via live chat.

KVM-based virtualization

KVM virtualization enables provisioning of VPS based on independent dedicated resources with near-physical server characteristics and the same management and configuration principles. Run multiple, isolated virtual environments for all your needs without any issues. The hypervisor fully integrates into the server, assuring that the system uses our hardware’s maximum power for the best Linux VPS performance.

Customizable Linux kernel

If you need to add or remove a module from your Linux kernel, you can easily do so. With the Linux VPS kernel, you have the flexibility to do more than with any other VPS. You have full access to the system, allowing you to freely modify and customize your kernel to improve resource efficiency, reduce memory usage, and much more. This makes resource management a straightforward experience.

Full root access

The greatest advantage of affordable self-managed Linux VPS hosting is that you have complete control over your servers. You can install applications, add-ons, customize the system to meet your needs, and use it for personal projects, gaming, and more. With our Linux VPS hosting, the possibilities are endless. As long as the changes comply with our terms of service, you are free to modify your virtual environment.

Frequently Asked Questions!

A Managed Linux VPS hosting package provides you with a dedicated Virtual Server along with cPanel & WHM reseller privileges, allowing you to efficiently manage your cPanel users and websites. Our team will handle all server administration and assist you with any issues.

We will take care of the server-side, including configuration updates. We can help enable or disable required modules if they are supported and customize the server according to your needs.

You will start with a cPanel Admin license that allows you to create five(5) cPanel accounts. However, if you want more, then you can upgrade the license for an additional cost.
Website number is unlimited.

No, this is an individual and dedicated server with dedicated resources for You. All of its resources are allocated for your needs.

Yes, You can scale this server anytime by paying the difference amount without any downtime!

Yes, the backups are included in the price, and the restoration is free. You have to open a ticket to the technical team for the restoration!

Unfortunately, At the moment we are only providing  cPanel & WHM control panel.

Our servers are located in Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius.

Fussion Host prioritizes excellent customer service. They offer 24/7/365 support through various channels like live chat, email, WhatsApp, and support tickets. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you with any questions or issues. Additionally, their comprehensive help center provides valuable resources and tutorials to empower you in managing your website effectively.

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